So many mistakes

Oh, of course i’m really sorry for my mistakes. maybe I don’t know what it is, making mistake. But i know what it feels like when suffer from the mistakes of others. That’s why I say i’m sorry. I know that it isn’t easy to grow up,  i mean grow up your mind. There are some things useless or bad that we can know only once we have grown up. That’s why little people must obey to there parents because the lasts know what it really feels like. The problem with the mistakes, is that we can only know them once we had made them. And the other problem is that some people say that " you pay a mistake cash". If this is true I don’t know what I can do to escape from mistakes retaliations.
No  need, to ask me the mistakes I have made, I’ll keep them secret for me and i wish none could ever know of them.
The world is full of mistakes. None is safe: girls, boys, men, women. And organisations and groups are not safe. Some powerful countries are killing innocent people in wars, that,s a mistake and the’ll know of it a day or another.
There are some mistakes that we will know but there are some mistakes wich will be discovered in Beyond, that’s what they call sins. Believe me it’s all right. This world  is very unfair to finish without retribution. Think of the people who steal the heritage of lil’children, think of the thug who rob and kill a good man who works day-by-day to feed his family, think of the thug who makes that mother widoe, those boys and girls orphans. Believe me, it won’t be easy to escape.
There are so many mistakes that we should avoid, ’cause it’s not nice at all.
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