I love you dear mummy

It’s true that my mum is my friend. It’s true that my father is my friend. That’s the reason why i must keep living like and keep the deal going. It’s not normal to betray them. They are the reason for my liitle living. They have raised me in the best way they can and had offered the best education they could.
Dieureudieuf yaay
My mum is the one who learnt how to behave towards my father, towards my brothers and sisters and towards the other people. I know and i knew that i wasn’t an easy boy to raise. you have shown me the way and you have scorted me in my first steps of life.
Dieureudieuf yaay
Daddy and my big brothers had sent me to school (coranic, arabic and french), but you’re the one for whom I stayed there. If I haven’t accepted to be a bad student that’s because i wanted to deserve your love. Your love is very expensive to obtain, it’s my best rewad.
Dieureudieuf yaay
They used to say to my brothers and me, that we have a very good mother but I wanted to witness it my self. I want to witness again years and years again.
I know that my brothers and sisters feel the same thing than me. You are their reasons of living. I konw that it will be very difficult to do more for you more than them but I want to more and In Cha Allah I will do more.
Dieureudieuf yaay
i never forget when you got up the early mornings, sent me to pray, prepare my the breakfast and wish for the best wishes that’s why i’m living today hust for you, just to make you proud of me. Altogether i don’t know if sons and daughters have to be proud of their parents but i know that i’m proud of you.
Dieureudieuf yaay
You never wanted me to live like a rich boy that’s why you wanted to live like the other boys of the district, that’s why whenever i make them cry you gave some of clothes to them. I didn’t why you did this but today i know. You never wanted me to be that difficult boy in the district, who fought with anyone, that might be the reason why you said that they didn’t love me. I never worry the love of anybody that’s yours that ever counts to me.
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