Somewhat, somehow, somewhere

Somewhat sorry for the life’s way of going on but i’m always hopeful for a better world. Nowadays, life isn’t easy at all and worse I can say it worsens day-bye-day. Every where in the world, people are starving. It’s very difficult to survive and more and more dangerous to be a survivor. Everywhere in my continent, wars are growing up. In said peaceful countries, people are changing by the bad ways. For example in my country, wich is said to  be peaceful because not in war, life is taking another turn. People are changing. Men didn’t believe in themselves, tha’s why young guys are taking bad boats in  the biggest oceans in direction of europa. But there they don’t know that life can be worse and it can become more difficult. What they have in their country is maybe not enough but it can set some problems out the others left must wait for their turns. Altogether, life is bound to be like this, we can’t give solutions to all our problems, and this is real for any country in the world. But they under-estimate their country value, and the value to live there next to friends and families, being part of people who buid it. The road to europe is long, difficult and very uncertain. Somebody, I once met in spain told me about his travel from senegal to canaries islands. He have succeded to get in spain but listen to his story. It’s only unbelievable. The guy was working in Senegal as a trader. His used to earn very decently his living with his job, but for it wasn’t enough but for him it isn’t enough. For him, he had to be rich and very rich beacause he wanted a big flat of himself, pretty wifes, many cars and all of these he sais he caan’t get them from Senegal. But if he would have believed in me whenever he had asked me I would have told him that he couldn’t get all of these from anywhere by the way he wanted it. But the guy sold all he got and pay someone to bring him Europe by traditional senegalese boats. when they lef senegale they like some 40 persons in a really tiny boat. They had there a really tiny place thay couldn’t even move their legs, guess that situation. They only allawed to move to satisfy their natural needs. The oceans are windy and cold they don’t have enough foods to eat. After one day, some are falling sick. the guy who drove the boat lost directions. and because of loss of directions and of supertutions they said that it’s due to the one girl in the boat and this, they decided to put put her alive in the ocean. The girl died like that. You do feel some thing about this. It’s only unhuman, crazy, everything bad. Some horrible things happened there, but telling them isn’t my purposes. They finished by reaching Spain. They were captured by spain police, they have been held in very unhuman spots and finished to be released there free in Spain. When I met him his was doing his little business of trading, running away like little children whenever they see policemen. By dreaming heaven the guy passed through hell and finished in a worst situation.
Somehow I understand their way of acting. Not easy at all neither in the continent nor in the country. Poverty is growing up and taking more places. Ethic is gone away. Nothing but money is important and it doesn’t mind how to earn it. Boys are crazy of fake lives whith girls and more girls only believe only in money and fake lives wich only exist in films…..
But you I beleive in somewhere maybe in africa, maybe in senegal, maybe in Touba, it can be a place where my dreams can come true. That’s my mansion. Some people told me tha tthis mansion is impossible, it’s fake. But you know what, seen the situation of now I totally beleive that it’s impossible.
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