Hung and Burn

Don’t try to understand this is just for a group of people who know about the "hung and burn" times. I’m remerbering those beautiful times when, we took breakfast, went there and came back home. I miss all my childhood friends, my cousins and all the family members. maybe, we were crazy but those  times were particularly nice and are among my best souvenirs. I like that way of living even it’s wild. But that’s what puts us together today. Hey, cousins I know how you feel today because I know how I feel.
…………..But you know: "Hung up" and there "Burn it out".
This goes to all of you guys: Mbaye, Moustapha, Rokhaya, Palla, Faty, Ousmane, Aly, Mamadou, Abdou, Gora, Cheikh the big one, Thierno, Baye Serigne, Sokhna, Binetou, Massaer, El hadji………. Yep guys, your cousin and brother miss you. From France Europe, to Asia, to America to Africa.
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