Things haven’t changed yet, why?

Why are things still the same? That’s the question, I’m wondering. The world is taking ages but my people are still behind. Africa didn’t really want to improve its situation. Poverty is taking more and more places, places are more and more covered with dead bodies victims of wars and diseases. Why african people didn’t beleive in themselves, trying to live with their natural ressources? But they don’t and they won’t because they’re not proud of themselves. They want to live like others who maybe are worse than them but they prefer it. Why a such alienation? Because african people didn’t beleive in themselves. Many senegalese people, once they get here, never wanna go back, why? Many of black girls and boys wanted to get in alliance with whites, why? The case of black boys is more delicate. I won’t waste my time about it. 

That’s why I agree with France policies to make life of strangers more difficult because or else they never wanna go back.
Love the live you live, live the life you love. You are right man by saying this ………..
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