Axiru Zaman (The End of Time)


How Glorious is your Lord!

Lord of Absolute Power, concealing himself in what they describe.

Peace on the Messengers, Praise to God, Master of the Worlds…

Axiru Zaman

(The End of Time)




"GOD took a covenant from the prophets, saying, ‘I will give you the scripture and wisdom. Afterwards, a messenger will come to confirm all existing scriptures, You shall believe in him and support him.’ He said, ‘Do you agree with this, and pledge to fulfill this covenant?’ They said, ‘We agree.’ He said, ‘You have thus borne witness, and I bear witness along with you."   Sura 3:81

"The Hour (End of the World) is surely coming, I will keep it almost hidden. For each soul must be paid for its works."   Sura 20:15

When the Inevitable Event comes to pass, then no [soul] will entertain falsehood concerning its coming.   [Many] will it bring low, [many] will it exalt; when the earth shall be shaken to its depths, and the mountains shall be crumbled to atoms, becoming dust scattered abroad, and ye shall be sorted out into three classes.   Then [there will be] the Companions of the Right Hand – what will be of the Companions of the Right Hand?   And the Companions of the Left Hand – what will be of the Companions of the Left Hand?   And those [that are] Foremost [in Faith] will be Foremost [in the Hereafter].   These will be those Nearest to Allah, in Gardens of Bliss; a number of people from those of old, and a few from those of later times.   Sura 56:1-14

"God is the Knower of the future; He does not permit anyone to unveil such knowledge. Only through the messenger that He chooses does He reveal future and past events"   Sura 72:27


1.             I thank the Lord, the Owner of Happiness, so that peace and happiness be


2.             On His Prophet Mohammed, as long as Islam exists, and on his family and his companions who   were also guided.


3.             After that, [we start] here with the recommendations that are useful, which are [also] full of             happiness and significance.


4.             All of the believers must fulfill the orders of the Saints (Awliya) and recognize the Sunnah of the    Prophet, who is the Owner of Truth.


5.             This book is full of directions, of [major] significance. This book is filled with [recommendations that direct you towards] happiness.


6.             It allows [you to] avoid the misdeeds of hell. It leads [those that follow it] toward the Paradise.


7.             This book makes it possible to carry out all wishes, and desires. It opens with the one that                has knowledge of the way of Light.


8.             Because all that this book contains are like theories and what they contain as guidance [is unlimited].


9.             I have within [this book], the books of the great scholars that were guides towards the way of [unveiling, which is one type of Spiritual] Opening.


10.          This book contains the recommendations of Allah and the Tradition (Practices) of the Prophet.

11.          It allows the realization of wishes for those that are directed towards Allah.


12.          You must then confirm that you have the Recommendation of Allah. Oh muslim brothers, adore Allah and follow His orders.


13.          After you know and politely follow His recommendations. And move away from punishment and                from all that makes us move beyond that.


14.          Continue to follow the tradition (practices) and recommendations of the Prophet. And even those                 of his venerated companions.


15.          All the while, being wary of the prohibitions of Allah. And let us remind you to be aware of them, and to follow the proper way.


16.          Do not seek an equal to Allah, so that you may remain friendly. Because to seek an equal to Him,                will lead you to hell.


17.          Do not victimize your fellow man to punish them for not assisting you voluntarily, because this      action is prohibited.


18.          Do not approach [anyone] to delight yourself by the selfishness of adultery.


19.          Avoid speaking evil of those that are not present, that are wary from ostentation                (pretending), that are evil, or that were banished, [because they did] what was bad


20.          [Avoid speaking bad] of those that owe a debt, that lie, that have pride, that use what does not      belong to them, as well as those that commit treason.


21.          Do not look those at those close to you with envious eyes. Do not accompany the one that              neglects his religion (religious obligations) except when you are obligated.


22.          You should repent as soon as possible if you sin. And, calm down when you are angry.


23.          Conform to good qualities. Always be wary of hypocrisy.


24.          Be calm at all times. Align yourself towards Allah.


25.          Be ready for prayer as soon as the moment arrives.


26.          Do not trust the head and what surrounds it, nor the belly and what it contains.


27.          I see by your eyes (what you see), by your ears (what you hear), by your sex organs (when you have sex), by your language (what you say), by your legs (where you walk).


28.          Always ask for blessings, as well as send greetings upon our Prophet.


29.          Attach yourself, by day and night, to the wirds and entreaties using the Names of Allah


30.          Fast continuously for three days in each month. During each month, if you feel like things are quite unbearable


31.          Repent constantly with Allah, during your life, before death intervenes.


32.          Receive well the invitation when it arrives to you. Receive all that is presented to you.


33.          Remember to visit a muslim, if he is sick. In life, be wary of the prohibited activities.


34.          For useless talking, direct yourself with the entreaties of the Names of Allah until you are wary.      Think of Allah first….


35.          [Make] requests at night, give away food to eat, wish the best for people and consolidate your        bonds.


36.          Do not express (expose) the defects of others and be courageous.


37.          Do not start a fight, do not run from a fight. Do not insult people, do not flatter people.


38.          Do not dispute [with people], do not praise [people]. [If] you want only good among you, [then]     you [should] make only good [between you].


39.          Respect the marabouts as well as the old people (elders). Have pity on the orphans as well               as the other children.


40.          Help the poor, [especially] the unhappy ones as it involves them being in debt.


41.          Recognize your bad acts and repent from them before it is too late and the time does not arrive     for you to escape the punishment.


42.          Accept the evils which are predestined to you.  Thank Allah for the favors which are granted to      you.


43.          Avoid jealousy, hatred, mockery, vanity and ignorance, avarice and mocking remarks.


44.          Be accustomed to requesting things in large amounts, so that you will be saved from misfortunes.


45.          Dear friends, conform yourself to the regulations of Islam, so that you can escape the punishments from beyond.


46.          These regulations are initially Belief, Prayer, the Pilgrimage [to Mecca], Fasting and giving                Zakat (Almsgiving).


47.          Do not look at the bad dimensions (aspects) of men; because that act can direct you to the             Punishment of Allah.


48.          Disencumber yourself from clothing [with] impressions because the stains [and fading] tarnish        your practice.


49.          Always [foster a] clean [and healthy] relationship among friends. Avoid sin and filth.


50.          Always be good to your friends. Respect your parents for the duration of your life.


51.          Dear brothers, know that you are in a world that will have an end.


52.          We see the signs which announce the arrival of the end. [In the end], even a wretch man will be willing to conform to these recommendations.


53.          But this time (End of Time) is the worst of all; because the bad acts are so numerous in all of the   countries [around the world].


54.          The diseases and the epidemics have become numerous.  Mortalities [have even become more] accentuated as well.


55.          Ignorance will persist in treason, and fidelity will tend to disappear.


56.          The lack of respect is frequent in the young ladies (girls), just as it is in the other children.


57.          It is common to always see people [perform atrocious] and immoral acts.


58.          To the point that people will honor a rich person and one will underestimate the marabout. Although the regard to be honored [is based on the fact that] the one under regard is considered to be an Alim (learned person).


59.          Deception and hypocrisy among the people will be seen constantly.


60.          This is also a time that you must be satisfied with what you have, while [not complaining but by] remaining quiet (silent).


61.          This is a time when it is really necessary to be insulated (withdrawn) or flee towards the stones        (mountains) and cover (guard yourself from attack).


62.          It is also a time when many will direct themselves towards the Nassarans (Romans/Christians).   Such that it is good that Allah curses the latter.


63.          Cursed are all the Nassarans (Romans/Christians), in the name of those that go to Mecca and those that meditate at the tomb of the Prophet


64.          Cursed are all the Jews, in the name of Noah and Hud.


65.          Cursed are all the unbelievers, in the name of the grandfather of our venerated [Shaykh Sanussi], the mystical marabout of the 19th century.


66.          Cursed are all of the unbelievers, in the name of the Light of the Prophet (Mohammed).


67.          The punishments that will be upon the rich people that do not believe in the Prophet, is that they will mislay (lose) because of a bad destiny.


68.          The punishments that will be upon those that go towards the enemy, is that their actions will           be filled with bad acts.


69.          But, the worst curse goes to the Nassarans (Romans/Caucasians); [their punishment will be] that they reside in hell.


70.          Specifically those that moved towards the unbelievers without them being obligated.


71.          To have favor from God or to seek the assistance of Allah


72.          Will help them avoid serious anger, the contempt of Allah and the Prophet Mohamed without any doubt.


73.          Flee [from] the unbelievers and enemies, desires, pleasures and Satan.


74.          Do not trust much of what is prohibited to you and you should attach [yourself] to the practices    that will carry you towards Allah.


75.          Take for example, the practices of the Prophet Mohammed.  Be wary of the practices      manufactured by the unbelievers.


76.          Attach yourself to the examples of the Prophet and prefer those that his companions preferred      as well.


77.          Thus ends this eminent and beautiful [book of] recommendations.


78.          The summit of all that you are recommended of here, my brothers, is to constantly beseech the     Lord and to receive from Him happiness and grace.


79.          So that the blessing of Allah and His salutations are always on Mohammed.


80.          As [well as] his venerated companions and all those that imitate them.


81.          Attach yourself to the items quoted here my brothers, because these things elevate you high above the branches of the trees.

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