Letter to me lil nephews

… here is the lil’ story.
Once in those past vacancies, my lil’ nephew wrote a lil’ message and sent it to me by my other newphew. By that message, Diakhaté DIENG barely 12 years old spoke for her and on behalf of her other sisters and brothers. She tried to witness me the love they got for me.
Once again, i think it’s yesterday my lil nephew less than 10 years old called me through skype and told me " I miss you tonton that’s a long time i haven’t heard of you".
Once again, they told to their father (my big brother) that they wish they would be like me. I know that burden of love I have on my shoulders and want u know that u reprents my pride.
I got this in a deep place of my heart and want you (lilies) to know it back
Those messages froze me and I will ever be frozen up with love whenever i think of them again.
Ur uncle loves u back n hopes you’ll read this a day and know how he cares of u.
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One Response to Letter to me lil nephews

  1. DIENG says:

    Questo è normale, voi siete il loro modello zio.

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